Collection: Mail Envelopes

The choice of mail envelopes for wedding invitations sets the tone for your big day and gives the first impression to your guests about your wedding theme. But how do we go about making the right choices when it comes to these wedding invitation envelopes? Let's explore this topic further.

Understanding Mail Envelopes

A mail envelope is a simple, yet important component of any postal correspondence. It's a protective covering made from a thin material, typically paper, designed to contain a letter or card. They can vary in size, shape, and color, offering a plethora of choices to fit any need.

The Importance of Outer Mail Envelopes for Wedding Invitations

So, do you need an outer mail envelope to post your wedding invitations? Traditionally, wedding invitations are sent with two envelopes – an inner envelope that holds the actual invitation, and an outer envelope for mailing. The outer envelope keeps the inner envelope pristine and unmarked through the mailing process.

However, in modern times, the use of a single envelope has become more commonplace. This decision boils down to personal preference and the level of formality you desire. Remember, the outer envelope can add an extra layer of sophistication and protection to your wedding invitations.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Wedding Invitation Envelopes

The size of your mail envelopes depends on the dimensions of your wedding invitation. Common sizes include 5x7" mail envelopes, which are perfect for standard-sized invitation cards. The 14x20 mail envelopes and other big mail envelopes are usually reserved for larger, more extravagant invitations or when you need to include additional materials such as RSVP cards, direction maps, or other inserts. Always remember to consider postage costs and handling convenience when selecting the size of your mail envelopes.

Addressing Wedding Invitation Envelopes Correctly

The proper format for addressing an envelope adds to the overall aesthetics and etiquette. Start with the recipient's name on the first line, followed by their street address on the next line. The city, state, and ZIP codes come last. For formal occasions like weddings, it's customary to use full names, including middle names if known, and formal titles.

Adding a Splash of Color: Mail Envelopes with Various Colors

Choosing mail envelopes with various colors (ivory, black, burgundy, navy blue, sage green, emerald green, white, blush pink and dusty blue) can add a unique touch to your wedding invitations. Whether you want to match the color with your wedding theme or use a contrasting shade for a bold statement, colored envelopes can make your invitation stand out in your guests' mail pile.

Choosing the right mail envelopes for your wedding invitations is a crucial detail in your wedding planning process. It's not just about protection and utility, but also about personal style, theme coherence, and presenting a warm invitation to your loved ones. Explore our diverse collection of wedding invitation envelopes, available in a variety of sizes and colors, to find the perfect match for your big day.

Remember, the envelope is the first thing your guests will see. Make it as memorable and inviting as the joyful occasion it announces!