Collection: Save the Date Cards

When it comes to planning a wedding or any special event, sending save the date cards is an essential step. These cards serve as a pre-invitation notice that informs guests about the date, time, and location of the upcoming event. They are usually sent out several months in advance to give guests ample time to make travel arrangements and clear their schedules.

What does "save the date" mean?

"Save the date" simply means that a particular date has been chosen for an event and the recipient of the message is being asked to keep that date free in their calendar. It is a polite way of informing guests of the upcoming event while allowing them to plan ahead and make necessary arrangements.

What is another way to say save the date?

There are several ways to say "save the date," including "reserve the date," "hold the date," and "mark your calendar." Each of these phrases conveys the same message and is used interchangeably with "save the date." You can learn more from here.

How far in advance do you send out save the dates?

Save the date cards should be sent out at least six months before the event to allow guests to make necessary arrangements. If the wedding or event is taking place during the peak season, it is advisable to send out save the date cards up to eight months in advance to ensure that guests can make travel arrangements and accommodations in time.

Do you put pictures on save the date cards?

Yes, adding a picture to save the date cards is a popular trend in modern-day weddings. A photo save the date adds a personal touch and helps guests to remember the couple's faces. A personalized save the date card with a picture is perfect for couples who want to showcase their love and personality while inviting guests to their special day.

How much is normal for save the date cards?

The cost of save the date cards varies depending on the design, printing style, and quantity ordered. Typically, a simple save the date card can cost between $1 and $2, while more intricate designs such as arc-shaped save the date, floral save the date cards, and minimalist save the date cards can cost between $2 and $4 per card.

Should save the date be a magnet?

Save the date card magnets are a popular choice among couples as they serve as a practical reminder for guests to mark their calendars. Save the date card magnets can be attached to a refrigerator or other metal surfaces, ensuring that guests have a constant visual reminder of the upcoming event.

What are the types of save the date cards?

Save the date cards come in different designs and styles, from classic to modern. Some of the popular types of save the date cards include:

Photo Save the Date CardsThese cards feature a photo of the couple and the wedding date.

Floral Save the Date Cards: These cards feature elegant floral designs and are perfect for spring or summer weddings.

Minimalist Save the Date Cards: These cards feature simple and clean designs and are perfect for couples who prefer a modern and sophisticated look.

    In conclusion, save the date cards are an important part of any wedding or event planning process. They serve as a pre-invitation notice that allows guests to make necessary arrangements and mark their calendars. Whether you choose a simple save the date card or a personalized save the date magnet, these cards help set the tone for the upcoming event and create excitement among guests.