Collection: Wedding Proposal Cards

This collection showcases our stunning Wedding Proposal Cards, designed to elegantly ask your loved ones to join you on your journey to forever. Whether you're popping the question to your future spouse with a timeless "Will You Marry Me?" or seeking the support of your closest companions with unique roles like "GRWM?" (Get Ready With Me) and "House Party?" you'll find the perfect card to express your heartfelt request.

Each card boasts beautiful embossing, adding a touch of sophistication that complements the simple and minimal design. This ensures the focus remains on your genuine proposal and the personal message you can write inside. Imagine their surprised delight as they open the card, revealing your heartfelt request in beautiful lettering.

Our Wedding Proposal Cards go beyond just the question itself. They're a chance to express your appreciation for their presence in your life and the special role they'll play in your upcoming celebration. Make their "Yes!" even more unforgettable with an Embossed Wedding Proposal Card that reflects your unique love story.